Times of Refreshing

Times Of Refreshing is a radio programme in English which was aired on FM102.3 from 3 October 2011 to 28 September 2012, from 8 – 8.30 p.m. , Mondays to Fridays.

Itinerant preacher Kenneth Wong promises to engage with insightful Bible teachings as he brings God’s relevant message of faith, love, hope and peace for today’s chaotic and turbulent world. The talks on various themes will be related to the Christian faith and life.

Said Kenneth: “The need is especially great where these are neglected or deficient in many busy and overcrowded lives. The appeal is to come aside nightly to be fed, inspired, instructed, and refreshed through the Word of God. It is accessible to anyone from any place, race or religious background wherever they are through various portable devices with FM reception.”

As Times of Refreshing was aired on a weekday evening prime time slot, it was hoped that a faithful following of listeners will tune in regularly by building it into their daily routines, whether commuting by public transport, driving, dining, dish-washing, or even shift-working. The content will contain local appeal translating into better identification with listeners in Singapore and the region compared to imported western programmes.

The programme is an initiative driven by Bethesda Hall in partnership with Trans World Radio (TWR) Asia.

His ministry motto is: “all things to all men by all means to save some” based on 1 Corinthians 9:22.

Kenneth Wong is actively engaged in an effective ministry of bible teaching and preaching. A regular speaker in many churches, conferences and camps, his ministry has wide appeal to both young and old. His messages are insightful and refreshing, and his speaking style marked by clarity and spontaneity.

Converted at the age of 20 as a university student in the United Kingdom, he returned to fulfill his national service as an officer. After completing his scholarship bond, he continued to work in higher education in various lecturing and senior management appointments. Since 2005, he has been devoting his full time to pursue his calling in the ministry of God’s word by faith.

Kenneth is the author of Sojourner’s Scrapbook, an inspiring series of thought-provoking devotional readings, published in 2010 and now in its second printing. Home church is Bethesda Hall (Ang Mo Kio) where he has been in fellowship since 1986.

Kenneth is married to Doris with two children Esther and Martin who are now young adults.

Give Me A Break! 1
Give Me A Break! 2

The Pillar of Prayer

Practice of Praying
Purpose of Praying
Principles of Praying

The Way of the Word

Listening to God's Word
Living By God's Word
Learning Through God's Word

Overcrowded Lives 1
Overcrowded Lives 2

Pilgrim's Progress

Growing in Grace 1
Growing in Grace 2
Growing in Knowledge 1
Growing in Knowledge 2


My Times in Your Hand

Yesterday 1
Yesterday 2
Today 1
Today 2
Tomorrow 1
Tomorrow 2

Integrity - Lost and Found 1
Integrity - Lost and Found 2
Be Reconciled to God 1
Be Reconciled to God 2

One Thing

I Know
I Need
I Lack
I Do

You're Needed!

Blessed (The Beatitudes)

The Empty
The Broken and the Meek
The Passionate and the Compassionate
The Pure and the Peaceable
The Persecuted

The Body of Christ

Unity in the Body 1
Unity in the Body 2
Liberty in the Body 1
Liberty in the Body 2
Community in the Body

Complete in Christ (Colossians)

Christ Your Head - Altitude 1
Christ Your Head - Altitude 2
Christ Your Lord - Aptitude 1
Christ Your Lord - Aptitude 2
Christ Your Life - Attribute 1
Christ Your Life - Attribute 2
Christ Your Master - Attitude 1
Christ Your Master - Attitude 2

Don't Die in Your Sins

A Word to Young People

Rocky or Sandy?

No Worries! 1
No Worries! 2

No Problem! 1
No Problem! 2

A Christmas Trilogy

Where is the Christ of Christmas?
Who is the Christ of Christmas?
What is God's Gift for Christmas?

Good News of Great Joy

Come to Worship Him

I Have Come

Attitude of Gratitude

One or Nine?
Five or Five Hundred

Christian Commitment 1
Christian Commitment 2

Starting Points

I Know Your Works 1
I Know Your Works 2

To Those Who Overcome 1
To Those Who Overcome 2

How Are You Doing 1
How Are You Doing 2

What About the Cross? (Joe Reese)

Church Care 1
Church Care 2

Last Light (Malachi)

Doubting and Despising
Deserting and Defaulting
Destiny and Dishonesty
Dissatisfaction and Dawn

What God Wants for You

At Your Service

Let's Run

The Final Event In Time (Joe Reese)

The Power of Purity 1
The Power of Purity 2

Knowing God

Be Still - His Will 1
Be Still - His Will 2
Be Strong - His Power 1
Be Strong - His Power 2

Your Spiritual Footprint

Recession Revelations


When Life is Shaken Up (Nate Bramsen)

Praying Through Perplexity 1
Praying Through Perplexity 2

Living in the Last Days (2 Peter)

Living in the Power of His Promises
Living in Darkness and Depravity
Living in the Expectation of Eternity

Watch Your Words 1
Watch Your Words 2

The Longest Day 1
The Longest Day 2

Responding to God's Call (Nate Bramsen)

The Seamless Life 1
The Seamless Life 2

The Power of Encouragement

Be Encouraged 1
Be Encouraged 2
Be Encouraging 1
Be Encouraging 2

Why This Waste?

Good for Nothing

Be Savoury
Be Savvy

The Blessed Man (Khoo Oon Soo)

Two Babylonian Kings

Nebuchadnezzar - Pride
Belshazzar - Presumption


Fruit to God
Fruit That Remains
Fruit With Patience

He Spoke and It's Done 1
He Spoke and It's Done 2

Jacob At Jabbok 1
Jacob At Jabbok 2

The Stages of Life (Khoo Oon Soo)

One Another


The Great Omission

Recognising Sin 1
Recognising Sin 2
Renouncing Sin 1
Renouncing Sin 2

Seek Me and Live

The Cross Word Puzzle

The Why of the Cross
The Way of the Cross
The Word of the Cross

Easter Exposition 1 - The Cross Explained

Christ Died for Us

Easter Exposition 2 - The Cross Experienced

Crucified With Christ

Easter Exposition 3 - The Resurrection Explained

He is Risen

Easter Exposition 4 - The Resurrection Experienced

Risen With Christ

Buffet Believers (Gary Weeks)

The Year of the Lord's Favour 1
The Year of the Lord's Favour 2

Make Room for God

Lengthen Your Cords 1
Lengthen Your Cords 2
Strengthen Your Stakes 1
Strengthen Your Stakes 2

How to Take Good News

Take a Rest

The Spirit of Haste
The Spirit of Rest

Drama at the Place Called Calvary (Gary Weeks)

Take a Walk

Works and the World
Mind, Mission and Motivation

I Am

The Bread of Life
The Light of the World
The Door
The Good Shepherd
The Resurrection and the Life
The Way, the Truth and the Life
The True Vine

From Doubt to Certainty (Khoo Oon Soo)

Love's the Greatest 1
Love's the Greatest 2

The Comforter

The Coming Comforter 1
The Coming Comforter 2
The Comforter's Coming 1
The Comforter's Coming 2

Beyond Words

A Great Church

Great Power
Great Grace

Three Questions on Salvation (Khoo Oon Soo)

Consider (Haggai)

God's Building
God's Blessing

Press On (Philippians)

The Gospel of God
The Mind of God
The Joy of God
The Peace of God 1
The Peace of God 2

Whose I Am - Sonship
Whom I Serve - Stewardship

Why Grace is Amazing (Dr. Ernest Chew)

The Hinderer 1
The Hinderer 2

The Sovereign Hand

Authorisation of Ahasuerus
Accession of Esther
Activation of Mordecai
Abolition of Haman
Anticipation of God

For the Gospel's Sake 1
For the Gospel's Sake 2

The Peace That Passes Understanding (Dr. Ernest Chew)

God is Good

Be Shining
Be Seen

Never Too Old

Abraham at 75
Moses at 80
Caleb at 85

A Gospel Watershed

Breakthrough at Jerusalem
Breakout at Antioch

Well Pleased

All the Days of My Life

God's Answer to Life Challenges 1

Worry (Dr. Harry Tan)

Psalm 121

The Lord Your Keeper

Seven Churches

Church Study Tour

God's Answer to Life Challenges 2

Busyness (Dr. Harry Tan)

Friends of Jesus 1
Friends of Jesus 2

Psalm 42

Song in the Night

The Mind of Christ


Life Questions

What is Your Life?
How Can We Then Live?

Psalm 24

Clean Hands and Pure Heart

A Real Retreat


Psalm 25

Your Ways and Paths

Psalm 92

Song for Sabbath
Fresh and Flourishing

God's Answer to Life Challenges 3

Dark Valleys (Dr. Harry Tan)

Truth and Love

Truth Decay
Perfecting Love

Going Forward

Crossroads 1
Crossroads 2
Deadends 1
Deadends 2

Bringing Up Believers

Psalm 27


Psalm 51


God's Answer to Life Challenges 4

Handling Hurts & Facing the Future (Dr. Harry Tan)


Reproducing Hundredfold - Fruitfulness
Receiving Hundredfold - Faithfulness



How Long? (Habakkuk)

The Puzzle of Faith
The Principle of Faith
The Prayer of Faith

The Zeal of the Lord 1
The Zeal of the Lord 2

Worldly Saints 1

In the World - Sent
Not of the World - Sanctified

The Poor Rich Man (Gary Weeks)

Next Change

A Change of Command and Court
A Change of Course and Counsel

Squandered Strength

Samson's Birth and Marriage
Samson's Life and Death

The Word of His Grace

Sound Checks

Sound Doctrine
Sound Faith

Gifted to Serve

With All Your Mind

The Worst Investment (Gary Weeks)

To Be Continued

Open Day
Open Door