About Us: Our Activities and Programmes

We strongly recommend those seeking to know more about God or about the Christian faith, to attend our 6 pm Gospel Meeting held on every second Sunday at Depot Walk and every fourth Sunday at Ang Mo Kio.

This meeting is designed to help you know more about the Lord Jesus Christ and how He can be your Lord and Saviour. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will be preached at the meeting and the duration will be one hour only. All seekers or inquirers are highly recommended to attend this meeting.

Most of our activities and programmes are available at both Ang Mo Kio and Depot Walk. Currently, the Cantonese meeting and Tamil meetings are only held at Ang Mo Kio. Free English class and Ladies' meeting (Wednesday morning) are only held at Depot Walk.

Christian Education Programme (CEP)(adults) Basic Training Class (BTC)
Free Tuition Programme Emmaus Correspondence Course (ECS)
Young People's Meeting (YP) Depot Walk Young Adult Meeting (DW YAM)
Bethesda Kindergarten AMK & DW Children's Corner (CC)
Sunday School (Junior SS)(pre-nursery to P2) Sunday School (Senior SS)(P3 to 18 years old)
Boys' Brigade Girls' Brigade
Tamil Meeting Cantonese Meeting
Ladies' & Sisters' Meeting Thursday Bible Fellowship (TBF)
Free English Class Regional Fellowship Groups (RFG)
Christian Education Programme (CEP)
11:00am on Sundays at Ang Mo Kio and 11:15am at Depot Walk, for adults 19 years and above

In keeping with our emphasis on teaching and applying God's Word, a 5-year curriculum of Bible classes is offered. The CEP covers varied studies on the Books of the Bible and major doctrines of the Christian faith.

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Basic Training Class (BTC)
11:00am at Ang Mo Kio and 11:15am at Depot Walk

For new believers or people who want to know more about Christianity. The class offers systematic follow-up for a new believer to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The topics cover basic Christian living, discipleship principles and New Testament Church principles and practices.

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Free Tuition Programme
As part of our community service to the public (preferably students residing in or around Ang Mo Kio), we do offer a free tuition programme for students ranging from Pri 4 to Pri 6. The subjects offered are Mathematics and English, once a week for two hours to be taught by our experienced tutors. Orientation is conducted at the start of each year as pictured above. Interested students or parents please call the assembly office at +65 6458 7474.

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Emmaus Correspondence Course (ECS)
Emmaus Correspondence School was established in 1942 in Canada. Today, courses are available in 110 countries and in 125 languages. More than 17 million have been distributed around the world.

The Emmaus courses range from general salvation study for the non-believer to in-depth topical and book studies for the more mature believer.

In Singapore, the Emmaus courses can be used in Personal and Group study such as:
(1) Home Bible Study
(2) One-to-One discipling
(3) Prison ministry and others

The Emmaus courses can also be studied in the following way as groups of:
(1) Children
(2) Teenagers
(3) Young people
(4) Professional people
(5) Housewives
(6) Retired people

The first 4 courses are free:
(1) What the Bible teaches
(2) The Word of God
(3) The Servant of God
(4) Lessons on Christian Living

Sign up today - no obligation - no cost. Simply email to way2emmaus@gmail.com and your first free courses will be right on the way to you.

Emmaus courses have gone Mobile! ECS Mobile App is now available! You can now download the FREE iPhone/iPod/iPad App from here.
ECS Mobile App for Apple users

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Young People's Meeting (YP)
3pm to 5:30pm at both Ang Mo Kio and Depot Walk

For students from Sec 1 to young working adults.
The group meets every Saturday for a programme of singing, indoor games and Bible Study followed by outdoor games such as captain's ball, mini-football and badminton. They also learn about how God's Word relates to the problems young people face these days.

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Depot Walk Young Adult's Meeting (DW YAM)

For university and young working adults.
The group meets every Saturday for a programme of singing, indoor games and Bible Study.
Please go to YAM's Blog here for more info.
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Bethesda Kindergarten AMK & DW
We operate a day care kindergarten from Mondays to Fridays for nursery, K1 and K2 children aged ranging from 4 to 6 years old. The kindergartens are registered with the Ministry of Education. For more information, please call the office at +65 6453 6134 from 9 am to 2:45 pm or visit our website at www.bethesdakindergarten.com for Ang Mo Kio Kindergarten and www.bethesdadwkindergarten.com for Depot Walk Kindergarten.

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Children's Corner (CC)
3pm to 5:30pm at both at Ang Mo Kio and Depot Walk

For children age 3 to 12 years old. Boys and girls will have a special place in this programme. They will enjoy lots of games, crafts, singing, outings, Bible lessons and good food at the end to build their moral character and social development.

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Sunday School (Junior SS)
11:00am for Ang Mo Kio and 11:15am for Depot Walk

For children from Pre-Nursery to Pr 2. This department has a staff of experienced teachers and workers to care for them each week. The children will enjoy singing, learning memory verses and hearing systematic Bible stories with a moral emphasis.

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Sunday School (Senior SS)
11:00am for Ang Mo Kio and 11:15am for Depot Walk

For students from Pri 3 to 18 years old. Systematic Bible teaching and singing are geared to equip our youth with a solid Biblical foundation for life. This is so important in a world that continue to confuse and manipulate them on every issue.

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Boys' Brigade
Presently Bethesda Hall (Ang Mo Kio) operates 3 companies at Yishun Secondary, Mayflower Secondary and Mayflower Primary. The picture on the left is the annual Enrollment Parade where new members are officially welcomed, and awards are given to those with merit.

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Girls' Brigade
Bethesda Hall (Ang Mo Kio) operates the Girl's Brigade at Mayflower Primary School.

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Tamil Meeting
The worship and remembrance meeting is held at 8:30am Sunday morning at Bethesda Hall Ang Mo Kio, followed by the Tamil CEP class at 11:00am. For those who are interested in studying the Bible but who only speak Tamil, there are also outings and annual camps organized besides the Sunday meetings.

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Cantonese Meeting
starts at 2:00 pm, and now held at Ang Mo Kio
This is a Christian worship and ministry meeting in Cantonese.

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Ladies' & Sisters' Meeting
There is Ladies' meeting every Wednesday morning, 9am at Depot Walk, except during school holidays. There is also a Sister's meeting on scheduled Saturdays at 3pm at Ang Mo Kio. There are special talks and outings from time to time.

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Thursday Bible Fellowship (TBF)
The Thursday Bible Fellowship started from a humble beginning in Bras Basah Gospel Hall in 1986. And we thank the Lord for His faithfulness in ministering the spiritual needs of the many saints gathered at TBF over all these years.

The majority of the attendees are senior citizens and retirees. And needless to say, they are full of zeal for the Lord, rain or shine; they will make every effort to attend the meeting.

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Free English Class (only held at Depot Walk)
There are free English classes held on Saturday afternoons, 3pm at Depot Walk, for anyone who is interested to learn English.

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Regional Fellowship Groups (RFG)
The picture on the left shows one of the groups at a park outing. There are over 10 groups meeting in homes all over Singapore either on Friday or Saturday evenings. RFG provides a unique opportunity to study God's Word together, share common needs, blessings and concerns, and prayer for one another. All this takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and includes a time of fellowship and refreshments. Every one needs someone, and RFG is an excellent opportunity to experience a sense of love and belonging with others. Young adults to senior citizens, married couples or singles, all are welcome to attend.
For those interested, please contact the assembly office at +65 6458 7474 for the group meeting nearest to your home.

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